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Here are the two projects I’m working on for school.  the first is for my design class .  We had to draw and paint three portraits using color to express emotion.  We have to use three different color schemes, complementary, monochromatic and the entire color wheel.  I’m not quite done but you get the idea.img_3580

The secon project is for my drawing project.  We had to draw a hallway to learn one point perspective.  Once we learned the technique it was pretty easy.  Just tedious.  I still need to tweak this one a little also.



This one obviously isn’t done yet.  The assignment was to create a project using three portraits using color to convey emotion.  Each project had to use a specific color scheme: two complementary color sets, a monochromatic color and one using the entire color wheel.  I was really looking forward to this project but it turned out alot harder than I thought it would be.