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Today we finished our eraser drawn horse skull and candlestick combo.  Last week I was almost in tears over this one. Absolutely convinced that I lacked the skills necessary to complete the project.  this week I learned that perseverence pays off.  This is what the drawing looked like last week

This is the completed piece.  Although I made the mistake of telling the professor it was done.  Of course, he found lots of ways of improving my “completed” drawing.  Next time I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

Here’s the before and after of the eraser I used to “draw” this masterpece


This is my friend Janae’s version.  She was obviously sitting behind the setup since she got to draw the ass end of the skull.

Wondering what it was supposed to look like?  Well, wait no longer, here’s the original.

Our homework is to use any of the techniques we used in class so far to draw any item we want.  Guess which one I won’t be choosing???