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Did this one for a challenge at  I just love how it turned out.

IMG_2369I printed the photo in black and white and color.  Then cut out and assembled the pieces.  I just did some doodling and stamping for the hair.  The butterflies are stamped on coordinating paper and hand cut.  I just stuck down their middles so the wings would provide texture.  The papers and stickers are from  a We R Memory makers kit .


I created this art journal page for a challenge over at Scrap mixers.  The challenge was to define scrapmixing using six different patterned papers.

Scrapmixers Challenge #1


  • to create the back ground I sprayed three different colors of dylusions  inkspray.  then added some water to mix and blotted with a paper towel
  • then i used a stencil to spray water through to remove some of the ink
  • I built up layers of texture by spraying through three diferent stencils with the same color of spray
  • I used matte medium to adhere the patterned papers.
  • For some additional texture I added some transparent texture paste with a Tim Holtz stencil.  then layered tissue paper over it and adhered with the matte medium
  • I stamped several image on the background using archival ink.
  • The girl at the bottom is my daughters artwork printed on thin cardstock and adhered with matte medium
  • The title was create with stickers, pen and diecuts.
  • I used a prima finnabair stamp to create a border around the edges
  • For some added dimension I used a Tim Holtz stencil and Heidi Swapp gold art screen ink

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my artwork.  I love comments so please let me know what you think.  Also head on over to scrapmixers and give this challenge a try!


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No, I’m not talking about a story by Kaftka but our third design project.  Everyones project came out amazing.  Even the professor was pleasantly surprised.  Oddly enough, about 2/3 of the class didn’t make it today.  Here’s the specs on the assignment.

Design project #3.  Select two opposite entities, one organic and one geometric and transform on into the other over a series of 5-7 sets.

In the process use simplification of form, movement, visual texture, value and implied line.  Remember to use scaling and overlapping in order to create depth, and that good and clean drawings are fundamental.

Here’s mine

And the rest of the class’s amazing projects


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well, I achieved a new milestone in drawing class on friday.  My professor made me cry!  We have been working on this stupid body parts project for 3 classes (that’s 18 hours) and it’s never good enough!  The man is making me crazy!  The weird thing is that I didn’t think I was upset.  he was brow beating me into adding more contrast but no worse than usual when all of a sudden I felt that tell tale tickle in the back of my eyes.  Seriously?!?!?  Next thing you know, tears are trickling down my cheeks.  I felt like an 8 year old.   I was absolutely mortified and the poor professor was baffled.  He asked me if everything was ok at home.  I guess I’m more stressed with the whole school/work/family combo than I thought.  Here’s my project at the beginning of class and then at the end.  He was right about the contrast

Drawing I 10/10/08

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I like to call this post the good, the bad and the phallic.  I’ll let you decide for yourself which is which.  The assignment was to choose 3-4 of the given objects and draw them in a way that tells a story.  We had to use the woman’s face.  The other objects could be of our choosing.  Here’s the originals.


Here’s mine.  I’ll send a RAK to the person who gets closest to deciphering the meaning I was going for.  You know I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t whine avout this.  It took me 3 hours to get the foot right and it’s still not right.  Damn foot!





This is Janae’s.  Take a close look at the bottom of the bone and tell me what it looks like………….







This is Matt and his wonder drawing.  We all hate him (even though he really seems to be a nice guy.







More Matt, it’s not even done here.  It got even better but I was too jealous to take any more pics.







This is Emily’s.  Another very nice person who receives my jealous rays of death.







Not sure what this guys name is but he did a really cool stylized, Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau thing.

Tyler’s off to sell his first batch of overpriced boy scout popcorn.  Who can say no to him in that adorable mailman…errr…boy scout uniform.  His sister is in charge of making sure he’s polite and hits every house in the neighborhood.  If anyone (and you know who you are) would like to support my little cutie, just let me know.  

Here’s a pic of my latest drawing homework.  In case anyone is keeping track!

some pics

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Today I realized that ever since I started school I’ve pretty much stopped taking pics.  Taking pictures is kind of my thing so I really need to get back into documenting the things I love visually.  Part of it is getting used to uploading them on the mac.  I’m working on it.  Here’s a couple I took today.

Here’s my Graphics Design Essentials prof that I have a big ole old lady crush on.  Doesn’t he epitomize scruffy surfer boy?  the fact that he’s a pretty good teacher doesn’t help matters.

Tyler started Boy Scouts this week.  Neil has been in charge of getting things all set up and taking him to his meeting.  Kind of bummed that I’m missing out on it but I just don’t have the time or energy.  Neil took him to get his fancy Schmancy new uniform.


In the interest of full disclosure I am going to post this weeks homework for art class.  Some of you may remember me bemoaning the technique where we black out a white sheet of paper and “erase” the pic into it?  Well, we had to practice it for homework.  My subject was a kind of cool chest we have in our living room.  I wasn’t really concerned about getting the shape right so much as learning the technique.   I really like how the wall and floor came out.  

Finally, here’s a pic of my first graphic design essentials project.  We had to make a bunch of ps changes to the original photo.  It’s kind of like one of those kids activities where you have to point out the differences between two pics.  Can you find mine?