That %#$#* cricut machine

Posted: January 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Now don’t get me wrong, I know how lucky I am to have a husband who bought me the the latest and greatest new diecutting system for Christmas but the dang thing is giving me fits!  I love that I can design my own images and import them.  I also like that their software, though limited. allows me to breaks apart words and rearrange letters. That warms the part of my heart that went to school for graphic design.  The problem I have is cutting!

**Warning, the next paragraph is boring and kind of technical.  If you    are just here to see layouts skip to the end!**

Most of my stash of cardstock is lovely, thick and textured.  Oh how the cricut resents that texture!  It often rips and shred those tiny intricate details.  After a call to customer service I discovered that I need to adjust the paper type.  You do this by turning the material setting knob to custom.  Then on the print screen you get a drop down menu with options.  Cardstock, intricate cutes seems to do the trick most of the time. This seemed to stop the tearing but it wouldn’t always cut all the way through. To solve that nifty little headache you have to go to the bottom of the materials page and use the edit custom materials button.  This page allows you to tweak settings.  I don’t like to change their settings (although you can) because they are a good baseline. So I created my own setting and called it cardstock, textured (original, right?!?)  So I started with the settings of the intricate cuts as a guide.  I believe they are double cut and 219 pressure.  The I upped the pressure, usually about 250-270 depending on the thickness of the paper.  It’s a fine dance to keep the pressure heavy enough to cut through but not too heavy for fine detail.  I haven’t perfected it yet but it’s getting there.

Ok if I haven’t lost you with all the boring cricut explore mumbo jumbo, here’s what I’ve gotten done yesterday.



Paper – Basic grey Fruitcake and porcelain

spray ink- Distress spray fossilized amber (get this spray…love, love, love it! Subtle but just enough grunge for a neutral palette.

Stamp – Fancy pants summer soiree. No idea where I got the lined stamped that I use for texture on just about every page but it’s unmounted rubber.  I use it without a block just ink and press.

Font-Farnham.  This is one of my favorite cricut techniques.  I typed the word using the text feature.  Then ungrouped the word and moved my letters were i wanted them, resizing individual letters to make them fit. Back to the layers pallet to access the weld feature (you have to make sure to make a big box around the ENTIRE word to make sure it all gets selcets or just shift click each letter) and voila…stacked text.

Diecuts- fence and arrow found using search on cricut

Ink- Distress ink minis- vintage ink, walnut stain and faded jeans

Texture-Tim Holtz texture paste and crater’s worksop 12 X 12 grid template


And one more……IMG_2005


Paper – Basic grey Fruitcake and porcelain

Transparency- I want to say Fancy Pants but not 100%

Distress tool by prima- Love that thing!

Stamp –  The travel tag is on a set of summer themed acrylic stamps.  Not sure who makes them.  If anyone recognizes please let me know. To color the stamp i rubbed a little distress ink on my craft mat and then used a water brush to paint with it.

Font-I forgot to write down the font but I did the same stacking technique as above.

Diecuts- Cricute explore.  The Wild and Free is an image found on the machine.  I welded it to the POWERFUL for a custom look.

Ink- Distress ink minis- vintage photo, Mahogany walnut stain and faded jeans

Texture-Tim Holtz texture paste and flourish layering  stencil



  1. […] That %#$#* cricut machine […]


  2. Jen Herr says:

    These are beautiful Lily


  3. Melissa says:

    Lovely Lily! Those are great pictures and I really like the fence on the first one. I had issues with my Cricut AND the Silhouette and never could get the settings right without ripping the paper. I’ve officially given up cutting!


    • lilymommy2000 says:

      Hey Melissa! Don’t give up. I had alot of issues also but I’ve found using custom settings helps. Have you tried that? If not drop me a line and I’ll walk you through it.


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