Project 365 Day 88-94

Posted: April 4, 2009 in 365 project, everyday life

883651Day 88

Meet Dante

In spite of my initial decision not to get another dog when we lost Atilla, I somehow got the puppy bug. I managed to wait a few weeks and convince Neil before I found Dante at a pet rescue. He’s part lab and part cattle dog. I’ve never met a more mellow puppy. He seems to be house trained and crate trained and he never pulls the leash. He does chew everything in sight, a definite puppy behavior.



89365Day 89


Madison has really stepped up in the taking care of puppy department. she is working hard to train him and never complains when she has to take him for a walk. Having Alyssa and Rocky join them on their walks definitely makes it more fun.



90365Day 90

Best Buddies

Rocky is the Borisenko’s dog. He’s the sweetest boxer ever and has really taken to Dante. I love watching them hang out and play together. Although he’s three times heavier than rocky he’s always careful not to squish him.




913651Day 91

At the vet

In the first 3 days we’ve had Rocky he’s had to go to the vet twice. First for shots and deworming and then for kettle cough. True to his nature, he doesn’t complain. He really is a sweet puppy







92365Day 92

Daddy day The kids are home for spring break so Neil decided to take them to Universal for the day. I stayed home to catch up on some errands and housework.





93365Day 93

Build A Bear

Part of project keep the kids entertained for spring break was a day at Build A Bear. Laura and Ian joined us at the Altamone Mall. The kids were so sweet picking out, stuffing and dressing their new stuffed friends.




94365Day 94

Orlando Magic vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

At the very last minute, Laura and Greg invited us to go to the Orlando magic game with them. Greg’s client sometimes lets him use his awesome seats three rows up from the floor. WAtching the game close up is a totally different experience from the nosebleed seats we usually get. You can really tell how huge the players are and it’s cool to see the expressions on their faces. It was also exciting sitting so close to Tiger Woods and taking a picture with Warren Sapp.

  1. Melissa W says:

    How awesome that you are still keeping up with this challenge. I gave up after week 3. I guess it’s good that I never bought that kit after all. lol


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