Project 365 Day 78-80

Posted: March 21, 2009 in 365 project
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78365Day 78

That’s a huge lemon

Madison is kind of obsessed with lemons. She wants me to put it in her hair to make it lighter and she is dying to have a lemonade sale. So when my friend Michelle came across a woman giving away these enormous lemons she snagged one for Madison. It was so cute to see her eyes get wide and to hear the awe in her voice when she said "wow, that’s the biggest lemon I’ve ever seen.



79365Day 79

Sweets for the troops

Doreen ordered twenty boxes of girl scout cookies from Madison. I told her I’d go ahead and send them to her husband Tommy, who’s in the Navy. Last year I wrote “hi Tommy” on the boxes and apparently his friends gave him a hard time. This year I upped my game and drew hearts, flowers and love note all over the boxes. Can’t wait to hear his buddies reaction this time




80365Day 80

The Topsy turvy

Every year we plant tomato plants.  All the stakes and cages make me nuts.  This year I thought I’d try these fun upside down tomato hangers.  I’m sure these will show up later in this project to show growth.

  1. Doreen says:

    Holy crapola Batman!! That’s one huge lemon!
    I’m curious as to how the tomatoes work out, I’ve always wanted to try those things.
    Tommy will be most embarrassed, I’m sure! Mission accomplished! HAHA!


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