Project 365 Day 72-77

Posted: March 19, 2009 in 365 project

72365Day 72

Friday the 13th

If you ask me outright, I would never say that I’m superstitious but a do get a little thrill of the unknown when Friday the 13th approaches. I know nothing bad is going to happen but I kind of like the thought that something might happen



73365Day 73

Race to Witch Mountain

I vaguely remember watching the original version of this movie as a kid. I must have been pretty young because I remember not getting that the kids were aliens and I don’t think I understood exactly why they were going to the mountain. My kids are much more savvy. They definitely knew what was going on. It was nice that the whole family went to see this movie together.





743651Day 74 

Sheriff’s Office Helicopter Tyler’s Cub Scout trop had the opportunity to check out the Orlando Sheriff Department’s helicopters. The officer doing the tour gave them all the fun facts about the copters and even answered some silly questions including, “where do you put your drinks”






Day 75

With a little help from my friends

I have imaging class from 6-9:45 on MOnday nights. I probably wouldn’t keep awake or sane without my friends Tiffany and Leslie. They both help keep me awake and laughing.






Day 76

St Patrick’s Day

I can’t resist making sure the kids are decked out for all the major holidays. Don’t they look adorable in their green? Tyler was the lucky leprecain this year. On his way home from school he found a $10 bill in the street!




77365Day 77


The kids see Dr. King in Oviedo every six months for their dental visits. They both got exemplary reports this time. No cavities and their teeth and gums looked great! Dr King might be the nicest human being I’ve ever met and all of his staff are amazingly child friendly. they make what could be a very scary thing for kids into an {{almost}} enjoyable experience. The six playstations and movie area in the office don’t hurt, either.


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