Project 365 Day 69-71

Posted: March 12, 2009 in 365 project, campus life

69365Day 69

Controlled chaos

No matter how often I straighten the house, the table in our formal dining room always seems to collect everyone’s junk. Since it s right next to the front door it’s a convenient place to drop bookbags, shopping bags, keys and purses. Not sure what Madison’s jeans are doing there, though.




70365Day 70

typography book

This little book is the result of 1/2 a semesters blood sweat and tears in my typography class. It consists of 6 different exercise all bound in a fun little book.




71365Day 71

Hot Olives

Today was a very sad day for me. Neil decided to put our dog Atilla to sleep. Luckily I already had a date set with my two wonderful friend Michelle and Laura at Hot Olives in Winter Park. these two ladies always know the perfect mix of sympathy and humor to save me from my own dark thoughts. The delicious fried olives and super strong peartini didn’t hurt either.

  1. 2genmom says:

    So sorry for Atilla. Fried olives? sound delicious!


  2. laura says:

    are you familiar with this area!?!?! Love you Lily 🙂


  3. Sarah says:

    You are doing so well with this project! Sorry to hear about Atilla. I have a junk spot in my house too – my china cabinet just inside my door (keys, mail, stamps, you name it, it’s put there)


  4. edwardsmom says:

    Im sorry about your dog Lily! ((hugs))
    We also have a “drop all” table- drives me nuts. Maybe one of these days I will move the table to the other room and see how everyone reacts when they come in to drop all their junk! 🙂


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