Project 365 Day 62-68

Posted: March 9, 2009 in 365 project

623652Day 62

Mowgli and Tyler

Tyler’s one goal in life is to have Mowgli sleep in his bed. Up until now he’s never succeeded. The past few nights Mowgli has been creeping in on his own. Unfortunately, tyler usually doesn’t even know that he’s there.





63365Day 63

Wii Monopoly I’ve never really jumped on the wii bandwagon but when Neil bought tyler Wii monopoly I was hooked. Love it!






64365Day 64

Madison and Mowgli

In most of my pictures of Mowgli, Tyler is usually not fair away. I caught this rare moment between madison and Mowgli.  





65365Day 65

Pretty girly stuff

I wasn’t supposed to go all out for Madison’s birthday party this year but since she was only having six girls for a slumber party I splurged a tiny bt on the goody bags. thy included a pretty pair of slippers, lip gloss, a sticker book, a musical Hannah Montana toy and a punchy balloon. I figured the musical toy would drive me crazy t the party but it was those punchy balloons that almost put me over the edge!



663651Day 66

Madison’s 9th birthday

I am so amazingly proud of the young lady Madisonvis growing up to be. she has a quiet grace that she must have inherited from her father. She doesn’t really care what people think of her and marches to her own beat. When she was a tiny baby people always said she looked like she was an old soul. I still see that in her to this day.






67365Day 67

Birthday Payday

We took Madison to Macaroni Grill on her birthday. She was happy to find money in the card her grandmother gave her.







68365Day 68

Cake decorating cooperation

Tyler went to Grandmommy’s house the weekend madison had her birthday slumber party. While he was there he baked her a cake but didn’t have time to decorate it. When he got home from school today he decided to decorate it along with his sister. They were so cute planning out where the decorations were going to go. I think they did an awesome job!

  1. Pam says:

    Fun Pics! and Happy Birthday!


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