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Meet our new baby!

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A few weeks ago we had to put our 19 year old pup, Atilla to sleep.  He lived a long, wonderful life but we were so sad to let him go.  I swore we were done with dogs.  As much as we loved Atilla, at the end he rarely made it outside and I was looking forward to a nice clean house.  No more cleaning up accidents, no more doggy drool on the toilet, no more hairballs.  Then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks, I wanted a puppy.  Forget that we may have to move back to California for Neil’s job, forget the crappy economy, forget my nice clean house, I needed a little ball of puppy scented love.  Well, oddly enough Neil was completely against it.  I’m not going to lie, that probably made me want it more.  After my sobbing “when do I ever insist on anything” speech he sort of gave in.  I fell in love with a Puggle at the pet store.  Well, instead of the Puggle we wandered over to the nimal rescue at PetSmart and came home with a 20 pound mutt of a dog.  Officially, he’s a lab, cattle dog mix.  He started out named Max but after much family discussion (ie arguing) we settled on Dante.  So here he is…….He’s an amazing dog……crate trained, housebroken, he walks without pulling and doesn’t run away. He’s the jackpot of puppies.  A full grown dog in a large puppy body.  He does chew a little but he’s easily redirectable.  The cats are pissed but all in all he’s settling in nicely.

















Based on this layout


81365Day 81

Finally scrapping

Took some time to get a few pages done this weekend.






82365Day 82

A Little Visitor

This little guy hung out outside our sliding glass door all day. Another certain sign of spring






83365Day 83

Signs of spring

The yellow blooms on this tree on campus are a sure sign that spring has finally sprung





84365Day 84


We were minding our own business in typography class when we got evacuated for a gas leak. You’d think it’d be more exciting but we just stood in the parking lot for about 20 minutes until they let us back into the building




85365Day 85

A sweet moment

Madison and Caitlin doing their homework at the school park. Since Wednesday is early release day we usually hang out at the park after school. The early spring weather on this day couldn’t have been nicer




86365Day 86

Grocery shopping

I hate grocery shopping so I put it off as long as possible. When I finally do go I end up spending $300 + dollars.  The worst part is unloading the groceries from the car and putting it all away




87365Day 87

Strawberry Picking

Today was the first day of spring break so we joined some friend’s at Pappy’s for strawberry picking. I never thoughtht I liked strawberries until I tasted them fresh off of the plant…delicious. The kids couldn’t get enough either.

Wow, it has been a long time since I actually scrapped.  Just got this one done today.












and the original, using this months scrapbook obsessions kit


78365Day 78

That’s a huge lemon

Madison is kind of obsessed with lemons. She wants me to put it in her hair to make it lighter and she is dying to have a lemonade sale. So when my friend Michelle came across a woman giving away these enormous lemons she snagged one for Madison. It was so cute to see her eyes get wide and to hear the awe in her voice when she said "wow, that’s the biggest lemon I’ve ever seen.



79365Day 79

Sweets for the troops

Doreen ordered twenty boxes of girl scout cookies from Madison. I told her I’d go ahead and send them to her husband Tommy, who’s in the Navy. Last year I wrote “hi Tommy” on the boxes and apparently his friends gave him a hard time. This year I upped my game and drew hearts, flowers and love note all over the boxes. Can’t wait to hear his buddies reaction this time




80365Day 80

The Topsy turvy

Every year we plant tomato plants.  All the stakes and cages make me nuts.  This year I thought I’d try these fun upside down tomato hangers.  I’m sure these will show up later in this project to show growth.

Project 365 Day 72-77

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72365Day 72

Friday the 13th

If you ask me outright, I would never say that I’m superstitious but a do get a little thrill of the unknown when Friday the 13th approaches. I know nothing bad is going to happen but I kind of like the thought that something might happen



73365Day 73

Race to Witch Mountain

I vaguely remember watching the original version of this movie as a kid. I must have been pretty young because I remember not getting that the kids were aliens and I don’t think I understood exactly why they were going to the mountain. My kids are much more savvy. They definitely knew what was going on. It was nice that the whole family went to see this movie together.





743651Day 74 

Sheriff’s Office Helicopter Tyler’s Cub Scout trop had the opportunity to check out the Orlando Sheriff Department’s helicopters. The officer doing the tour gave them all the fun facts about the copters and even answered some silly questions including, “where do you put your drinks”






Day 75

With a little help from my friends

I have imaging class from 6-9:45 on MOnday nights. I probably wouldn’t keep awake or sane without my friends Tiffany and Leslie. They both help keep me awake and laughing.






Day 76

St Patrick’s Day

I can’t resist making sure the kids are decked out for all the major holidays. Don’t they look adorable in their green? Tyler was the lucky leprecain this year. On his way home from school he found a $10 bill in the street!




77365Day 77


The kids see Dr. King in Oviedo every six months for their dental visits. They both got exemplary reports this time. No cavities and their teeth and gums looked great! Dr King might be the nicest human being I’ve ever met and all of his staff are amazingly child friendly. they make what could be a very scary thing for kids into an {{almost}} enjoyable experience. The six playstations and movie area in the office don’t hurt, either.

Project 365 Day 69-71

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69365Day 69

Controlled chaos

No matter how often I straighten the house, the table in our formal dining room always seems to collect everyone’s junk. Since it s right next to the front door it’s a convenient place to drop bookbags, shopping bags, keys and purses. Not sure what Madison’s jeans are doing there, though.




70365Day 70

typography book

This little book is the result of 1/2 a semesters blood sweat and tears in my typography class. It consists of 6 different exercise all bound in a fun little book.




71365Day 71

Hot Olives

Today was a very sad day for me. Neil decided to put our dog Atilla to sleep. Luckily I already had a date set with my two wonderful friend Michelle and Laura at Hot Olives in Winter Park. these two ladies always know the perfect mix of sympathy and humor to save me from my own dark thoughts. The delicious fried olives and super strong peartini didn’t hurt either.