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Posted: December 30, 2008 in vacation

I promised myself I’d blog every day of our vacation but it just seems to have gotten away from me so this is going to be a catch up post.

Madison and Tyler with their ski instructor

Madison and Tyler with their ski instructor

On Sunday the kids went to ski school.  We dropped them off early in the morning.  I’m not going to lie, I was very nervous leaving them.  Especially to do something they’ve never tried that I consider kind of dangerous.    I’ve never seen myself as an overprotective parent but then again, in our everyday life I rarely leave them with strangers.  After meeting some of the ski instructors I felt a little better.  They all seemed very kind and patient.  We got to the slopes a little early to  pick them up so we could watch them.  They were adorable with their skis all bundled up.  The school  had a pretty cool setup.  There was a little conveyor belt that the kids stood on to take them to the top of the hill.  Then they skiid down with the help of instructors.  neither kid really learned how to slow themselves down or stop so they came whipping don the hill and had to be stopped by the instuctors.  Their instrcutor later told me they were speed demons.  Madison absolutely loved skiing.  She made new friends and said going down the slopes was like a roller coaster.  For a cautious kid she sure loves speed.  We always consider Madison the least athletic kid in our family but she took to winter sports like a fish to water.  Tyler on the other hand was a little more lukewarm in his appreciation for skiing.  He’s in this stage where he is impatient with anything he isn’t immediately good at.  Hopefully he’ll outgrow that annoying little trait.  In addition,  his face is really chapped from the cold and he’s pretty uncomfortable.  He did agree to go back for another day of ski school so he couldn’t have been that uncomfortable.


Yesterday we took the kids sledding at Edwin Carter park.  Santa Claus brought them red, metal saucers.  They weather was practically balmy at 40 degrees.  All three kids had a great time but once again, super cautious mom reared her head and I was terrified.  They came whipping down the hill at mock speed without any effective way of stopping if anyone was in their way.  Madison preffered to sit on her saucer.  She was the fastest of all the kids.  Which meant she had the least control.  The look of happiness onher face was absolutely priceless.  At one point she slammed into the gate on the edge of the hill.  I expected tears and the end of sledding for the day but she just laughed.  About an hour into sledding she ran into another kid and jammed her thumb between her saucer and the other kids.  That was pretty much the end of that.  Tyler started out sitting on his saucer but didn’t like that he couldn’t slow down.  He soon decided to lie down on his sled so he could dig in his feet and have a little more control.  He hooked up with some older daredevil boys who had him doing all kinds of crazy tricks. 

My nephew Lukas was the most cautious of tall the kids.  he came down the slopes with his arms and legs digging into the snow so he crept down the hill at a snail’s pace.

The hill was pretty crowded and most of the kids and parents were pretty considerate of each other with the exception of one woman with a really fancy camera.  She was so caught up taking pics of her kids that she was totally unaware of the kids careening down the mountain.  At one point Madison was heading right for her.  She looked up and saw her and still went back to her photo taking, causing Madison to slam into her.  WTF, she didn’t even apologize or check if she was ok.   I was going to march over and give her a piece of my mind but my bil talked me down.  I did notice that she did the same thing with several other kids throughout the day.  Don’t get me wrong, I was intently taking pictures myself but I was always aware of the kids around me.

Editted to add more pics


After skiing I thought the kids would pass out from exhaustion.  they must have trudged up that mouthain 40 times dragging their saucers behind them.  I was wrong.  Tyler went in the hot tub and Madison and Lukas spent hours outside building a snow fort with Uncle Matt.  By the time bed time rolled around they passed out.


Madison building a snow fort

Madison building a snow fort

Lukas and Matt building their snowfort

Lukas and Matt building their snowfort

Tomorrow they have another big day at ski school.   This time their cousin lukas is going with them.  Can’t wait to see how they improve and whether their opinion of skiing remains the same.    I am going ton town to shop with my mother and sister in law.  Luckily the weather has “warmed” up.  it may hit 30 today.  Funny, 30 in florida is freezing but here it feels perfect.

  1. Kimberkv says:

    Wow!! Sounds like great fun, glad the kids took to skiing. I was like 40 or 41 before I ever strapped a snow ski to my feet! That stopping and slowing is hard, but getting up all the time is even harder. The first time down I hill, that was really to steep for me, I got so mad I divorced my husband three times and killed him twice!! Finally, I got so tired of falling that I just ducked, tucked and flew. Hubby just knew that if I was dead at the bottom of the hill he would be. And that he would NEVER get to ski again. But, I actually loved that part!!


  2. Heather H. says:

    Sounds like you are having an awesome vacation! I love all the photos you’ve posted!


  3. Linda says:

    I’m cold just looking at your pictures! I can totally relate to have a difficult time leaving the kids in a skiclass!! I’m dreading the moment 🙂


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