Colorado day 2-Breckenridge

Posted: December 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

We finally got up into the mountains today and I think the title of this post should be underestimated.  That’s exactly the word that went through my mind about 12 times.  I’ll add the pics in a separate post. 

First I underestimated how dangerous driving into the mountains can be.  I wasn’t driving but it was scary enough from the backseat.  things weren’t too bad until we hit the higher elevations and white out conditions.  The sheer drop offs so close to the road and the towering red rocks gave me plenty of opportunities to ponder my own mortality and that of my children. 

I also underestimated exactly how cold sub zero temperatures really are.  Usually I don’t mind the cold but it wasn’t a matter of just dealing with it.  At one point I took off my gloves to faciitate picture taking.  After about ten minutes I felt muscle deep pain.  Not just cold but searing pain.  It got worse after I went inside and began to thaw.   It was definitely a not so pleasant introduction to the dangers of cold weather.

One of the things I really underestimated was the majestic beauty of the scenery.  Scenic, breathtaking, spectacualr…none of these words really express how truly beautiful newly fallen, pristine snow really is.  I took a million pictures that just don’t do it justice.  I feel like a yong child meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time.  I just keep wandering from window to window staring at the icicles and snow topped trees….amazing.  I think the family thinks I’ve lost my mind because I keep gushing about the snow.  Do you know that it really sparkles in the sun.  I thought northerners just made that up to make us southern types jealous.

Underestimation #4–Living in the mountains is seriously inconvenient.  You can’t just walk outside for a breath of fresh air, you have to put on two pairs of pants, a heavy jacket, thick socks, gloveves, hat, mittens, etc.  By the time you get all that crap on your forget why you wanted to go out in the first place.  I don’t know how people do it, day in, day out. 

Underestimation #5–a little thing know as hig altitude sickness.  What I like to call I feel like shit and it sucks.  Apparently symptoms include shortness of breathand headaches which I expected.  What I didn’t expect was the nausea and inability to sleep.  Not fun.  Hopefully I’ll get acclimated pretty quickly. 

Underestimation #6–how misleading the depth of snow can be.  I decided to walk from the back yard to the front and found myself up to my waist in powder.  After panicing and flailing a bit I was able to backtrack and work myself out but I did not love the feeling of helplessness.  Now I know not to go out by myself.  If I had stepped in over my head I don’t know what I’d do.


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