Colorado vacation day 1

Posted: December 26, 2008 in everyday life

Well, after a fairly uneventful plane ride we arrived in Denver last night.  I have to say Southwest rocks.  The pilot got us to Denver a half hour early and the male flight attendant was hilarious over the PA.  He had us all cracking up with his witty quips.  At the end of the flight he even sang  and told us jokes.  It was a fun start to our vacation.

We decided to stay in Denver overnight rather than drive our southern buts up the mountains in the dark.  Denver is surprisingly warm.  It’s 39 degrees this morning but the bitterly cold makes it pretty uncomfortable.  Tyler keeps looking at the dirty drifts of snow on the side of the road and begging to play in it.  I keep trying to tell my poor tropical sun to wait until we hit the mountains.  He’ll have fresh snow up the wazoo.  I am so excited to see their reaction to fresh snow.  They just had a huge snowstorm up here so there should be plenty of virgin powder.  There’s also plenty of snow in the forecast.  I don’t know who’s more excited, me or the kids.

  1. pam says:

    Enoy that cold weather and snow!!


  2. milkcan says:

    Dude! It’s a brand new look for the blog again! Cool! Hope you all enjoyed the snow!


  3. Doreen says:

    I know which SW flight attendant you’re talking about, we had him before flying into Orlando. He is funny!
    Enjoy the vaca!


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