Happy Scrappy and Grey’s

Posted: November 15, 2008 in everyday life
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About a year ago I ordered a grab bag of goodies from around the block.  The deal was advertised in creating keepsakes and was a great deal.  Well, months and months went by and I completely forgot about it.  Something sparked my memory at the beginning of the summer and I put in a call to ATB.  Turns out they wer bought by 7 Gypsies and the grab bags somehow got lost in the shuffle. .  They assured me that my bag would be on it’s way shortly.  Being the airhead (ie busy) that I am I forgot about it until recently.  When it dawned on me that I still hadn’t received the package  I called again and they sent me a tracking number proving that it had been sent.  I called ups and it turns out that the package was sent to a completely unrelated address.  Luckily the woman who received the package still had it.  she actually called the company and was waiting for a call tag to send it back (it never came).  UPS assured me they would pick it up and have it shipped to me asap.  Well, you guessed it, it never arrived.  At this point I was ready to just give up on the thing when I got an email from 7 gypsies saying that the reissued me a new grab bag.  It took forever but was worth the wait.  My grab bag was not only full of fun goodies, including a label maker but it also came packaged in a wonderful laptop bag.  Here’s a pic of the loot.  Now if only someone could send me the time and energy to actually do some scrapping!


Now I can’t let another minute go by without complaining about Grey’s anatomy.  The show has definitely jumped the shark.  When the new girl (who obviously had some girl on girl action with Mer) whipped off her shirt for no apparent reason I knew it was the end.  Too bad, I love the few Bailey moments but I can’t watch anymore of this drivel.

  1. Melissa says:

    The interns are all experimenting on each other. She cut herself so someone could sew her up, I guess. I think the next episode will resolve that weirdness. I hope so, anyway. It’s creepy to me that they’re all on this self-mutilation thing.


  2. Sasha says:

    Okay WOW that would frustate me about not getting a package as AWESOME as that WOW .. that was nice girl, then the Greys Anatomy I am getting ready to watch it on ABC.COM lol so I can catch up ..and about your weight loss goals YOU CAN DO IT .. just remember I am DOING IT and YOU CAN .. I promise you can .. head up beautiful lady .. and I love love the blog


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