Update on latest drawing

Posted: November 3, 2008 in artwork
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it’s coming together.  Here’s where I was with it last class

And here’s the most recent incarnations.  Still needs some tweaking but I like how it’s turning out

It’s funny, when I look at it on the computer screen I see flaws that I don’t notice irl.  I definitely need to work on the face and the shadow on the right side is also off.  I hated the platform when I was working on it but now I’m kind of starting to like it.  I guess it’s all about perception

  1. Janae' says:

    it looks so great!! the color really pops! 🙂
    and also, your drapes look so much better than mine!!


  2. laura says:

    it’s really looking good – you should be very proud! can’t wait to see the final product, cause I know it will blow us away 🙂


  3. Janet says:

    Wow, it looks amazing! You really have talent in the drawing department!!


  4. sherrie says:

    I like your drawing. It’s really good. Thanks for stopping by my place. I really appreciate it lots! Take Care!!



  5. Noelia says:

    I think your latest drawing is looking good. Where do you find the inspiration for your characters? Is this from a model or do you just imagine this person in your head and draw it? Im just curious.


  6. this is so beautiful


  7. pam says:

    It is looking awesome!


  8. milkcan says:

    Looks great to me!


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