Halloween ’08

Posted: November 1, 2008 in everyday life
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Halloween startied out a little tense this year.  For the past few years we have gotten together with a few neighbors to let the kids run around and eat pizza before trick or treating.  For some reason this year the kids were wired and not behaving at all.  I took a nap after class so I have to admit I was a little peckish and not in the mood.  Once the kids took off things improved. The daddy’s took the kids trick or treating while the mommy’s gave out candy.   Unfortunately, we seemed to have alot less trick or treaters this year.  Not sure why.  It was nice to sit outside and chat with friends while we were giving out candy.  the weather couldn’t be nicer, breezy and cool.  Last year it was hot and humid.  Definitely prefer the coldish weather.  Here are some of the pics.

Tyler as Pokemon trainer ASh

Tyler as Pokemon trainer ASh

The whole gang

The whole gang





  1. edwardsmom says:

    The kids look great!! We went to my FIL’s neighborhood.. I think we passed 2, maybe 3 other families that were trick or treating… where have all the kids gone???? Maybe its all the fall festivals?


  2. Christina & Caitlyn says:

    Love the pictures!


  3. pam says:

    Cute Costumes!


  4. Catherine says:

    Looks like a fun Halloween!


  5. Ellen says:

    Glad everyone had fun in the end! I suspect maybe you didn’t have a lot of trick-or-treaters because your community is having Trunk or Treat somewhere, and because parents are thinking it’s too dangerous. This was our third Halloween in our gated community. We are wondering if the management is telling all the families with children no trick or treating is allowed, because none of them ever stop by! I am sure the management would not allow outside trick or treaters in, but I’m not sure why the family of six from the condo in front of mine never comes! Or the kids in the two condos next to them, whom I know had kids dressed up for Halloween because in the morning one of the moms was outside taking their picture!

    I spent this Halloween at my church’s Trunk or Treat, we had a beach theme to our Trunk set up. (Got third place in the competition between Trunks for this too.) I am not great at always remembering to take my camera and rushed out the door without it, but one of the other ladies was taking pix with her cell phone, I’ll ask her next time I see her if those came out. You can bet I’m inspired by your new LO/Sketch here to do something if they did.

    Our Trunk or Treat was well-attended. We did this three years ago, my first year attending this church, and then stopped, so we had a good turnout, considering. Across the street, there is another church that has a more established Trunk or Treat. That one was full of kids and they were waiting in a line about a block long to get in!


  6. Sarah says:

    What absolute cuteness!! Great photos and costumes! We don’t celebrate halloween but it looks like so much fun!!!


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