Brave layout and random musings

Posted: October 14, 2008 in everyday life, Scrapbooking
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PP-Cosmo Cricket

stickers- creative imaginations

Chip- Tim Holtz Grungeboard


Random musings

If you blog it, the person you would most NOT want to read it will end up reading it

College students shouldn’t carry around balloon animals

Canned teriyaki sauce tastes like shit

If you aren’t prepared for class you , sure as shit, are going to be called on

When you get really mad at your kids, just picture them sleeping, it always makes you smile

No matter how bad things Β get, they could be worse

  1. JulieP says:

    So who read what? The person with the crappy tire pump? LOL!


  2. Noelia says:

    Great page! I puzzled by the college students carrying balloon aninmals. I’m just curious to know this story πŸ˜›


  3. Melissa says:

    Oh my! You have been quite busy since my last visit! 22 posts?!?!

    I love that LO! The skull and crossbones rox!


  4. pam says:

    Are they really on a bed of nails? Great layout!


  5. Sarah C. says:

    Cool page! Not sure I’m brave enough to try that. Love the shiny skull & arrow. πŸ™‚


  6. Carol says:

    Hey Lily, Thanks for stopping by, and checking out my latest excerpt. I have a feeling next week is going to be a challenge for me.

    Love your random thoughts. Just found out an old friend is following my blog, she doesn’t comment or blog but she emailed me. So I guess you never know who’s reading you. Oh well makes life more interesting.

    I too want to know why college students are carrying ballon animals.

    Now the real question is when your mad at your kids and your picture them sleeping are they on the bed of nails? Love the layot it rocks.



  7. Anna M-W says:

    Cute LO! Love the skully!


  8. Jill says:

    Thank you so much for the smile! I love your random thoughts. They are just that really random! Have a great weekend.


  9. Chelsea Ling says:

    Great musings πŸ™‚ I especially like the one about picturing your kids sleeping when they are mad at you… another good one is how babies smile when you say hello to them first thing in the morning, even though you are so tired and they woke you up crying..


  10. Janet says:

    Great LO! Too fun!
    And those random musings are quite good. I’m sure there are stories hidden in there somewhere!! πŸ™‚

    OK, Lily, i have been reading your blog posts on Facebook and forgetting to stop by your blog! Oops!! lol


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