Posted: October 13, 2008 in everyday life

I think I am the definition of whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.  Today we decided to take the leap and let the kids ride their bikes to school.    Of course, my tires were flat so I had to borrow a pump from a neighbor (thanks Robin).  Then as Madison and Alyssa take off I hang out in back with Tyler who seems to be struggling.  He hasn’t ridden his bike for awhile but I think the real problem was that HIS tires were kind of flat.  Well, they all got to school safely and I went back later to pump up Ty’s tires.  This time I borrowed a different neighbors pump which, while I appreciate them letting me borrow it, was a piece of crap.  When I got their I realized they weren’t kind of flat, they were COMPLETELY flat.  No wonder the poor kid had a jard time.  I pumped up one tire just fine but then I couldn’t get the damn thing to stay on the other tire.  I am ashamed to say that I had to call hubby to help me.  We got Ty’s done then decided to add a bit of air to Madison’s, breaking the stem off her tire in the process! Now you see why i put off letting them ride their bikes so long?  It hardly seems worththe aggravation.  Well, we got her tire rigged so it would hold air and were on our way.  Of course, an hour before the kids were supposed to ride home the skies opened up and rain came pouring down.  I called the school to tell them that the kids weren’t going to be riding their bikes and got 8 different types of attitude.  the lady in the office told me that they don’t like calls at this time of day and we were supposed to have a plan in place.  WTF?!? WAS she not listening when I told her that this was the first time we let them ride.  #1 of course we didn’t have a plan, this was their first time riding bikes and #2 I will call the school anytime I damn well feel like it as long as my children are attending.  Seriously lady, just tell my kids what they need to know and drop the attitude!  Anyway, it all worked out in the end and we are going to try it all over again tomorrow.  Please pray for sunshine!

  1. laura says:

    OMG! just called you a little while ago to see how it went….now I see 🙂 Here’s hoping tomorrow is bright and sunny!


  2. hoping for sunshine today so the bike riding goes better and btw I so agree about calling the school anytime you please


  3. Matt Goddard says:

    Well, I hope you get sunshine all day today for them to ride their bikes to school and FROM school w/out getting bitched at for being a worried mother…seriously, what school are they going to? I went to Killarney Elementary over near Fairbanks and I-4 , and I would hope my parents never had to deal with a woman like that. Advice to her: Get the multiple pointy sticks out of your ass, they don’t tend to help you get through the day w/out biting a head off.

    Best of Luck!


  4. pam says:

    Hope you have sunshine today and the bike riding goes better. The lady at the school needs a new job away from humans!


  5. Anna M-W says:

    Do you want me to call the school? I’ll kick that bitch’s ass.

    “Have a plan” – WTF is that? How can you have any “plan” when it comes to kids and the weather in Florida??


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