Boy scout scrapping and artwork

Posted: October 6, 2008 in everyday life
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This is a project we’ve been working on in my design class.  we took photocopied images and extended them off the page so that all the images connect.  The theme of mine is timeless beauty.









Next are some pics from Tyler’s boy scout meeting.  It was nice to meet the leader (thanks for taking the initiative) and the other parents.  It was also nice to reconnect with Lori, Hunter’s mom.  The boys made a scrapbook page.  The pictures came out kind of funky but I was too tired to take good ones.  click on pictures to enlarge.

  1. Lori says:

    Lily, you are my hero. I can’t believe you all ready have these pictures up. It was fun getting to see you tonight. Tyler was too cute decorating his scrapbook page. I think he’s got his mommy’s eye for design. So glad you brought your camera to take pic’s of all the boys. Hope to see you again soon!


  2. Renee says:

    I can not get my son to do boyscouts. He just is not interested. Maybe he will get interested in the troop at this new school.


  3. zanne says:

    wow, great work Lily…


  4. Yvonne says:

    I love the picture you did for your class. I reminds me of a very famous artist…wink-wink. Love the pictures of your son and his troop. Too cute



  5. Pam says:

    Tyler is a boy scout already!!!

    Your Timeless Beauty piece is awesome.


  6. Sue C. says:

    Oh, I just love little Tiger Cub Scouts! They are so cute. I love scouting and have been involved for 15 years. It’s wonderful. Love your timeless beauty piece – it’s just wonderful!


  7. I love your piece for your class – fantastic


  8. janae britt says:

    that looks fantastic!!


  9. RagsNehali says:

    fantastic project !!


  10. Linda says:

    Fabulous project!


  11. What a cool design project, and I just loved those pics of the boy scouts scrapbooking! They made some great pages. 🙂


  12. Sarah C. says:

    Very cool art project! And thumbs up to the boys on their great layouts. 🙂


  13. boyandgirlscoutsdotcom says:

    How great! I love Tigers! Well, I’m a Tiger den leader so maybe that’s why. It looks like your boy had a great time. Thanks for sharing.


  14. pam says:

    Cute pictures!! Love you drawing, you are awesome!


  15. Janet says:

    Love the design project! Wow, that is really eye-catching! Hope class is going well!

    Great Boy Scout pictures. It’s so neat that you captured those. I was a GS leader for years and I love the troop pictures.


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