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Posted: October 4, 2008 in everyday life
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My darling husband reminded me that we don;t only have cats in this house. His pooch atilla is feeling a little left out of my little blog world.  So here he is in all his  cocker spaniel/golden retriever mix , 18 year old glory


Doesn’t he have the coolest hair?  Yep, you read correctly…good ole atilla is 18, he’ll be 19 early next year.  He’s pretty spry for an old guy.  Except for the fact that he can never make it through a whole day without leaving me little not so sweet smelling surprises he’s in pretty good shape.  He does have bad hips so he tend to spend most of the day just lounging around.  Then he has a hard time getting up.  When he gets moving he’s fine.  Cold and damp weather are not friends to his poor old doggy bones so it’s good that we live in florida where he doesn’t have to deal with it too often.  Neil got Atilla in college, a few years before we met so he’s always been a part of our relationship.  His sister Brandy (evil miniture looking golden retriever) passed away a few years ago.  She actually fell in the pool and drowned.  i know that sounds awful but she was in really bad shape right before she died.  part of me feels like she jumped in to end the pain (or her brother pushed her, did I mention she was mean as hell?) Anyway, Atilla’s a sweet old dog.  I am going to be so had when he finally leaves us for greener pastures where his hips won;t bother him at all.

Here’s a few more pics of Pandora.  she really is a pretty cat.

  1. Noelia says:

    I didn’t even know you had a dog! Atilla is handsome. I hope to read more Atilla posts in the near future, tell him he’s got a new fan (I’m a love dogger!)


  2. mimisurgery says:

    Cute and funny pets. I have 3 male guinea pigs, and one dog. She’s a bit old and needs people’s help. If you want you can visit her blog.


  3. Sherrie says:

    Your “critters” are cute and adorable. Even 18 year old atilla! Love his hair! Take Care!!



  4. Janet says:

    What great pictures. I can’t believe your dog is that old! That is really great. I had a cat who lived to 22 or so.

    Pandora is beautiful!! She looks so soft and white!


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