Kitty dossier

Posted: October 4, 2008 in everyday life

It was just a matter of time before I ran out of things to say about the humans in my life and turned to my wonderful kitties for blog inspiration.  I know you all have been waiting with bated breath.  OK, only a few of you but I have to keep my friends happy.  to that effect, here’s a little essay comparing and contrasting my two furry friends, Pandora and Mowgli. 

This is Mowgli.  I am absolutely convinced that he s a dog in a cat’s body.  He’s about 5 years old.  He’s super friendly, goofy and eats constantly.  He also has a very doggy like habit of constantly licking whatever body part you put in front of him.  He has none of the aloofness that you see in our other cat, Pandora.  He always wants to be where the people are and will crawl his fat ass onto any free lap that will allow it.  He has one very odd quirk, he never meows.  I mean never.  He’ll purr and even growl on occasion but never a traditional kitty meow.  I think it has something to do with him never being properly weaned.  He was 6 weeks old when we got him.  I had to teach him to eat by putting moistened food in his mouth and manually opening and shitting his mouth.  You can tell by his present girth that he quickly mastered the whole eating thing.

I’m beginning to suspect that Mowgli isn’t the sharpest claw on the paw, if you know what I mean.  Here he is attacking a chair and “playing” with the guinea pig.  for a big fat cat he has a wide feisty streak.  you can often finding him sitting on the back of a chair for the sole purose of swiping at anyone who walks by. He’s also been known to pounce on the dog or his sister cat just to get  a rise out of them.  He’s not just feisty with the animal types in the house.  He’ll let Tyler use him as a pillow until he gets tired of it then he’ll go into attack made.  He’s pretty amazing in his hissing, growling, scratching fury.

Pandora, on the other hand, is a completely different beast.  She’s all cat in the traditional sense of the word.  Aloof and spoiled, I can go days without catching site of her. In fact, this is the only photo I have of her.  i wanted to take another one for this post but she’s in deep stealth mode and I can’t find her.  She only comes out of hiding when she feels like getting some attention.  Even then you get the feeling that she’s doing you a favor.  She definitely favors Neil.  She always comes out of hiding when she comes to bed and plops herself down next to him.  God forbif I’m in her spot, she’ll give me a withering look that has me scurrying to my side of the bed.  while she is aloof, she’s never mean.  If you can find her she’ll sit quietly for petting.  she even tolerates a pretty high level of abuse from the kids.  they have a lovely habit of carrying her around by her belly.  Unlike her brother I’ve never seen her swipe at them or even hiss.

 As you can see, she’s a beautiful cat.  we got her from the pound about 10 years ago.    This picture doesn’t really show it but she has a beautiful face.  Unlike Mowgli, she is the chattiest cat I’ve ever seen. You can actually have a conversation with her (on her terms, of course).  It goes something like this 


Me;  Hey Pandora……meow

Pandora: meow

me: meow

Pandora: Meow

Ok, I guess it doesn’t really translate well to text but it’s pretty funny.   

So that’s my feline buddies in a nutshell.  While they are both very different you can often catch them sleeping on top of each other or grooming each other like two monkeys in the zoo.   they both know where the litter box is but sometime prefer to use the mat in front of it.  They are both wonderful kitties and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

  1. Lydia says:

    You have some beautiful cats!


  2. Ami says:

    Your pets are precious! And yes, I do believe you have my Bea’s twin! So cute!!


  3. Janet says:

    They are both beautiful kitties! Mowgli reminds me of Lily, who is much more like a dog and also eats constantly. But Lily is very vocal and meows all the time. Pandora must be more like Tinsel, who is a typical aloof kitty. Love reading your conversation!! I speak cat, too!! 🙂


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