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October 31: boo

1. Boyfriend or girlfriend 
2. Word used to scare people

1. Can you handle me? If you can’t you ain’t gonna be my boo. 

2. Guy: BOO! 
Guy 2: Holy sh*t!

Happy, Happy Halloween–stay out of trouble!


Please read the following list and try to guess which grade they are appropriate for:













OK, have you guessed?  They are my first graders first set of spelling words.  The kid is just learning how to read.  Do you think these words are appropriate?  My daughter had the same teacher in first grade and we had a year filled with tears and frustration.  I complained but all I kept hearing is that this teacher’s kids always end up ahead by the end of the year.  I get that, but at what cost?  The thing is, my son loves school and never complains about  homework but I have a feeling that he won’t after this year.  We have been working on those words every day this week for several hours.  That’s on top of the daily hours worth of worksheets.  He still isn’t getting them. I’m frustrated, he’s frustrated.  What’s the point?  Does a 6 year old really need to know how to spell alligator?


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No, I’m not talking about a story by Kaftka but our third design project.  Everyones project came out amazing.  Even the professor was pleasantly surprised.  Oddly enough, about 2/3 of the class didn’t make it today.  Here’s the specs on the assignment.

Design project #3.  Select two opposite entities, one organic and one geometric and transform on into the other over a series of 5-7 sets.

In the process use simplification of form, movement, visual texture, value and implied line.  Remember to use scaling and overlapping in order to create depth, and that good and clean drawings are fundamental.

Here’s mine

And the rest of the class’s amazing projects

Sunday I took Madison to a Cheetah Girls concert. My wonderful friend Sandy had some extra tickets since her hubby found them front row seats at the last minute. She kindly offered them to us. It was kind of last minute but we managed to get to the concert almost on time.

I have to say, the whole experience wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. the show was pretty entertaining. Since it was their “own world tour” the concert was split up into different countries with cute scenes set up for each one. From riding in on scooters to gorgeous hanging chandeliers, the girls put on a good show. The songs were catchy and upbeat but they all kind of sounded the same to me. One of the cheetah icious ones appeared to have an injured leg. She was dancing and moving as well as the other two even with a brace on her ankle. Not sure if I find that impressive or sad. I hope it was her choice not to take time off while healing and not Disney forcing her to perform injured. Here are some pics from the show. Click on them to enlarge and get a better look.

My wonderful, irreverent buddy Anna recently asked me how I manage to do all the things I do. To me, it doesn’t seem like I do that much. Women who work full time and have families work harder than I do and have much less free time. I only work a few days a week so that frees me up to be able to go back to school full time. My kids are in school all day so I have that time to do housework and homework. Luckily I have a great hubby who helps out if I ask. The problem is that I’m not great at asking but I’m getting there. I’m usually home in time to help them with homework and spend quality time. I get to school super early to get a good parking spot so that gives me lots of time to blog and hang out on facebook. It is hard to find the time or initiative for hobbies like sbing and jewelry making but I’m ok with that. I do have lots of roles but i think that makes me a better person. It  does sounds like alot when I list it out:
jewelry maker
sb store employee

Do I have it all? To me having it all means finding the balance between doing the things you love and doing the things you have to do. By this definition, I do have it all. I don’t do it all well but I do it my own way. most of the self help books will tell you to stay organized and stay on top of things. My system is a little more haphazard. I do things when I can, I wait until the list minute and then scramble to get it done. I think my only saving grace is that I have prioritized my list. The things at the top HAVE to get done, no questions. Right now family and school are at the top of the list. Sometimes that means I don’t get to scrap and the house isn’t as clean as I like. I get one day a week completely to myself and I usually use that to do the things I need to do. Once the house is cleanish and homework is done then I can scrap. I’m ok with that. I sometimes miss the days of having the freedom to scrap every night. Luckily my school work fills that creative need.

A more organized woman would do her homework while the kids are doing theirs, but that’s so not me. I can’t help them and focus on my own stuff so I end up spending lots of late nights working on logos or school projects. It works for me. So I guess my answer to Anna is that I just do it. I try not to think about it too much. If I thought too far ahead or tried to plan I’d probably stress myself out and get nothing done.

The Great turtle Rescue

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Yesterday we were all just kind of doing our own sunday morning thing when madison starts screeching :there’s a turtle in the pool”. Being the suburban victims that we are, any sign of wild life is a big event so we all rushed out to see. Of course, I snagged my camera on the way out. Yes, there was a turtle in the pool. I was concerned that we might find a half rotted carcass but I was happy to see that he was blissfully swimming in the chlorine infested waters. My intrepid husband dug the turtle out with the pool skimmer and we all oohed and ahhed at it’s cuteness. Tyler wanted to hold it, until it dug it’s claws into his hand. He promptly dropped poor Mr. Turtle on his head. Apparently suburban turtles are a pretty hardy breed because no real harm was done. After much debate (release vs keep as a pet) the adults won out and the family trekked out to the local retention pond for our own animal release program. I’m happy to report that we got Mr. Turtle off without a hitch. That’s if you don’t consider the eagle I saw eyeing us from his perch on a lamppost……..

Here are some pics of the daring rescue. Unfortunately my camera batter died before I could get any more

Here’s my version.

Have fun with it and make sure to post a link in the comments if you give this one a try!