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Posted: September 26, 2008 in campus life, everyday life
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Today I realized that ever since I started school I’ve pretty much stopped taking pics.  Taking pictures is kind of my thing so I really need to get back into documenting the things I love visually.  Part of it is getting used to uploading them on the mac.  I’m working on it.  Here’s a couple I took today.

Here’s my Graphics Design Essentials prof that I have a big ole old lady crush on.  Doesn’t he epitomize scruffy surfer boy?  the fact that he’s a pretty good teacher doesn’t help matters.

Tyler started Boy Scouts this week.  Neil has been in charge of getting things all set up and taking him to his meeting.  Kind of bummed that I’m missing out on it but I just don’t have the time or energy.  Neil took him to get his fancy Schmancy new uniform.


In the interest of full disclosure I am going to post this weeks homework for art class.  Some of you may remember me bemoaning the technique where we black out a white sheet of paper and “erase” the pic into it?  Well, we had to practice it for homework.  My subject was a kind of cool chest we have in our living room.  I wasn’t really concerned about getting the shape right so much as learning the technique.   I really like how the wall and floor came out.  

Finally, here’s a pic of my first graphic design essentials project.  We had to make a bunch of ps changes to the original photo.  It’s kind of like one of those kids activities where you have to point out the differences between two pics.  Can you find mine?

  1. melina says:

    I remember those art lessons.. the black out one. cool to see what you are creating superlative work lily


  2. Karen says:

    cool to see your work Lily!! and on the pic… I’ll take a stab at it… you made a “sun” come from behind, a dog in the interstate(?) and took off the a/c etc off the top of the building, added a name to it….I think that was all.


  3. Janet says:

    Okay, your instructor would be a HUGE distraction!! lol How can you even concentrate?? lol


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