My latest creation and random thoughts

Posted: September 9, 2008 in everyday life, jewelry
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I got these wonderful unakite beads awhile ago.  I finally sit down and played with them.  I love how they cherry quartz pulls out the pinks in the unakite.  As always, you can find this piece on my etsy site.  I am working on a matching bracelet and earrings.

I’ve been so busy with school lately that I feel like my recent blog posts have been short on any real substance.   Soooo I feel the need to unburden myself with whatever comes into the mass of mush I call a brain.  Anyway, money has been on my mind alot lately.  Neil and I make a whole lot more than we did when we were first married but it seems like we still struggle.  We are pretty much living the same way, just with bigger stuff (and a maid).  It seems like I’m always waiting to buy something I really want/need and there’s always something I don’t really want/need that the money has to go to instead.  For example, I “need” a mac for school.  I know I just got this very cool top of the line Dell a year ago but how was I (see description of my brain above) to know that I would have a raging need to get a degree in graphic arts?  I know I could just muddle through with the school computers and make my pc work but why should I have to.  Isn’t the point of going back to school when you are all grown being able to spend a few extra bucks for comfort and ease?  Anyway, i was already to break down and buy the damn mac when our air conditioner went kaput.  Now all my florida buds know that air is not a want but a need.  No matter that I grew up in Miami with no air.  Just because it sucked then doesn’t mean I have to choose to live in a sauna.  So, a cracked air pan and $800 later I’m thinking a laptop may not be in the cards.  Although we were going to have to charge it anyway, what’s another $1200 on top of the $800 air conditioner bill.  Damn my little burst of conscience that keeps telling me that we worked hard to get out of debt.  I want that damn computer and the $600 worth of software that I also “need”.  So basically what I’m trying to say with my wordy rambling is that wants and needs are relative.  Or maybe I’m trying to figure out why I have to be so careful with $ when hubby is pulling down six figures?  either way, I think I’m geting the mac.

Just reread my post and I sure sound like a spoiled bitch, don’t i?  Doesn’t make my points any less valid

  1. laura says:

    No air!?!?! you poor thing 🙂 I would wilt in five minutes flat.

    Know what you mean about money though – we were living on a WHOLE lot less just a year ago – but for some reason the same concerns are still there.

    Can’t believe you are going to the computer dark side with a mac – ugh!


  2. Noelia says:

    I’m going to be an enabler here but here it goes…a MAC is not a want it’s a NEED!!!! lol
    Love mine, it’s worth the extra $…every darn penny.


  3. lol… I wouldn’t know what to do with a mac if I had one. Although work has mentioned my getting one lately. I dunno. I love my Dell. 😉


  4. pam says:

    I say go for it! Enjoy your new Mac guilt free!


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