Sunday sketch 09.07.08/”Lazy sunday” schedule

Posted: September 7, 2008 in everyday life, scrapbook sketches, Scrapbooking
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Here’s this weeks sketch.  Give it a try and show me what you come up with.









Here’s the layout I created using the sketch.

Just for fun, this is what I have to get done today

1. buy new desk from ikea
2. go to art store all the way across town to buy art supplies
3. draw a charcoal still life using at least 7 objects
4. photoshop homework
5. read 3 chapters
6. yell at husband to put ikea desk together
7. keep kids entertained while all the above are getting done
8. laundry otherwise we will all be going commando next week
9. pick up supplies to make julie and deanna’s bracelets’
10. make julie and deanna’s bracelets, set up postal pick up

What about you guys?  what’s everyone up to on a lazy sunday?

  1. Marisha says:

    Wow, I feel bad for not have a list that even compares to yours- hehe. I just plan on scrapping, but I’ll be doing some laundry and washing the dishes.


  2. pam says:

    Love the sketch.
    I am tired just reading your list!


  3. Emily says:

    Some fun stuff on your list! If I did the shopping for supplies at the art store first I would get nothing else done…and the desk is exciting! Good luck checking off things on your list!


  4. deb wisker says:

    Good luck with the drawing class. I start a digital imaging class tomorrow.
    How about some pics of the Ikea desk when dh puts it together?


  5. Suzie Webb says:

    You are one multi-talented lady!!!! I worked today….put together the store’s monthly kit club, and bagged, did some laundry…and now I hope to get some scrapping done for myself….other than etsy….Have a great night!


  6. Melissa W says:

    1. Went grocery shopping. Blew $300 on groceries. Still trying to figure that one out.
    2. Cleaned.
    3. Ate lunch.
    4. Cleaned some more.
    5. Took a hot bath.
    6. Cleaned some more.
    7. Blogged.
    8. Went to bed.


    Great sketch! I’ll try it later this week if I get the chance, now that I can scrap again!


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