Art vs. Design

Posted: August 29, 2008 in campus life, jewelry
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Today I had my first drawing class–I went into it with great trepidation…ie scared as shit.  Design (my other class) I’m not afraid of.  I design all the time.  Jewelry making, scrapbooking they are all about design.  Drawing is an entirely different beast.  It’s real “ART”.  It involves skill and talent.  Getting your hand to represent what you see in front of you.  I’ve never been able to do that well.  In fact, my eight year old daughter draws faces better than I do.  I have no idea how to shade to show contrast and depth.   All my dimensional drawings come out looking flat.  To even call them drawings is to give me too much credit. 

When I walked into that studio today everything terrified me…the big platform in the middle of the room,  the stainless steel easels, the stools.   But along with a fear was a certain excitement.  I’ve never had a problem learning anything I really wanted to do.  I really want to be able to draw.  I am looking forward to starting my first clumsy attempts, embarrassing as they may be, just to see myself improve.  So I took a deep breath and grabbed a stool, and sat in front of an easel and listened.  I can do this.  I can train my brain to really “see” what’s in front of me and to represent it on paper.  I will become an artist…

I am working on really seeing things and somehow my cheapy little camera helps.  Here are some things I “saw” today.

Ok, now back to my regularly scheduled blog.  Here’s a necklace I got done last night.  I am also going to make a matchinng bracelet and earrings.

  1. melina says:

    Drawing.. I know it has an aura about it…


  2. Carol says:

    Don’t let the drawing thing freak you out. Just keep your eye on shapes and shadows. I personally liked pencil and charcol the best. You’ll do great, besides if you look at some of the stuff that people draw that people think are cool, it’s really all interpative.


  3. Anna M-W says:

    Gorgeous necklace and I love love love your photos. They are really great shots!

    I can’t draw to save my life. Make sure you keep us posted on your progress!


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