Tomorrow’s the big day!

Posted: August 25, 2008 in everyday life

I got the kids back to school relatively unscathed, now it’s my turn.  We had a little bit of a job scare with Neil so I decided that I probably should have something to fall back on.  I decided graphic arts was the way to parlay my love of art into a career.  Luckily, the job fear didn’t pan out but it got me thinking that I really needed something else in my life.   Not to mention Neil keeps mumbling under his breath something about the ingrates around here pulling their own weight.  Not sure if it’s directed at me or the kids but I’m not taking any chances.  A little back ground….I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida in recreational therapy.  It never was my first choice of degrees.  In fact, I didn’t quite make the cut for the physical therapy program so it seemed like a nice compromise.  Truthfully, I don’t think I would have been happy with the PT degree either.  I hated all the bs and government intervention in healthcare.  I worked in nursing homes for about 6 years before I had Madison.  I truly hated it!  It regularly, pissed me off, broke my heart and generally left me feeling burned out and drained.  The people I was trying to help didn’t want to be helped (some of them rightly so) and the government said I had to or we wouldn’t get paid.  I remember having to brow beat a 99 year old man into walking.  He was completely lucid, in fact, he’d probably forgotten more than I’ll ever know.  He wasn’t depressed.  He was just done.  Enter me with my 24 year old perkiness insisting that he had to do this and that to regain range of motion.  The man very kindly threw me out on my ear.  That was it, I had had it.  No more……but I digress.  Luckily, we were at the point in life were we wanted to start a family.  I spent the next nine years playing mommy and wife and loving it.  Now the kids are both in school…anyway I finally took the plunge and registered for classes at Valencia.  I am told that they have a great Graphic Design program.   I am taking 4 classes, intro to Art, Design Basics, Drawing I and a portfolio building class.  Tue and Thursdays I have class from 9-12 and then 1-4.  Friday I have class from 10-3.  One of my classes is online only.  it’s kind of a heavy schedule but I figure I’ll get the easy classes out of the way quickly.  I can’t wait to be a 37 year old in a sea of 19 year olds but I am excited to get started.  Maybe there will even be some cute boys to liven up the scenery.  I have all my pens lined up in my backpack and even bought cool skull and heart notebooks.  I am going to look ridiculous anyway so I might as well have fun right?  Wish me luck!

  1. Doris says:

    You are going to kick butt at VCC. You are just so amazingly artistic/creative that you will excel at this. Being in class w/19 yos is weird at first, but you get over it fast… And after a while, they are all just your peers and they make you feel younger. 🙂 Plus, who knows, some of the guys may be cute. 😉 Enjoy your first day of class tomorrow. And just FYI, for the first couple of weeks of school, get to campus like an hour early. No joke. I was on East campus and parking the first couple of weeks is a nightmare. You just keep circling the parking lot literally 30+ minutes hovering to find a student who is pulling out because there aren’t enough spaces. And it’s just those first few weeks too. After that, there seem to be plenty of spaces. It’s pretty stressful thinking you might be late your first class, so it’s worth getting there early just to be safe!



  2. Sandy says:

    Good Luck!!! Don’t sit in the front row with all the old people and don’t ask alot of questions and keep everyone late in the class. That’s what all the old people did in my classes but thank God for those old people. They made sure that everyone understood the material. We figured we’d just get it on the fly. Maybe you can share you newfound knowledge with us especially the cute ones, maybe you’ll have a Tim Holtz look alike in your class.


  3. zanne says:

    Don’t be nervous. You will have fun!


  4. Amy says:

    you are going to do and be awesome!!! i know it!!! this is an amazing step you are taking and i for one am extremely proud to call you my friend!!! i SO couldn’t do it!! doris is right, though. get there early for parking. i remember when stacey was going to vcc, he said the parking for the first several weeks was a nightmare.
    good luck, and let us know if there are any hotties in class!! 🙂



  5. Heather says:


    Good luck. What a fun thing to do — you may have had to wait several years to find your passion, but I bet it will be worth it!

    Go get ’em!



  6. Karen says:

    GOod Luck!! nothing like diving in with both feet. Keep us posted!


  7. Pam says:

    Way to go Lillian! Good luck. I’m sure you’ll do a great job! It’s nice to have something of your own.


  8. JulieP says:

    You go girl!!!!! I’ts going to be a lot of long hours but you’ll be awesome at this.

    If it’s any consolation I get the “you’re playing with paper all day look” from my dh as well. If I ever return to the work force it won’t be for my original career either. Been there, done that. Sad with all of the schooling involved but I’m so done.


  9. Melanie says:

    You go girl!!! I know you can do this, Lily! You are so talented and I know you will rock this too!


  10. barbara says:


    You will do great…you will be teaching that class! Your abilities and creativity always totally amaze me. I know you will do great and I think everyone is going to love you and think you are totally amazing too. The 19 year olds are going to think you are too cool or better yet you totally ROCK. Have fun and enjoy…don’t stress!! Love ya,



  11. Monica says:

    I don’t think you need any luck, Lily… you will succeed! Guess what? my first career choice BC (before children) was graphic designer… oh how I wish I could’ve done it but I don’t have half the creativity that you do. Don’t worry about not being 19… that just gives you an advantage with all that life experience. 🙂


  12. Deanna says:

    oh Lily, you’ll do awesome!!!! You have alot more going for you than those fresh out of HS kids. You have lots of life experience and I’m sure you’ll succeed at whatever you want to do! Hugs!


  13. MaryK says:

    Kick ass and take names! It is refreshing for me to hear that somebody else has enough sense to understand that sometimes people’s wishes and desires should be respected more than doing the status quo and demanding people be pushed into something they rightfully do not want to do. (It’s a sore spot, but anywhoo…) Your backpack rocks, I’ll be crossing my fingers that your day is exciting and that eye candy is plentiful :O)


  14. Yesenia says:

    Don;t Worry Lil!! You will be fine! Also just make sure the cute little boys you are seeking to liven up the scenery are worth looking at……Love ya Girl!


  15. Beth says:

    Congrats to you for following your heart! You will have a blast!


  16. Anita says:

    Oh, girl, welcome to the back to school old farts club! You will love it and you will appreciate school so much more at this age. And you will blow those 19 year olds right out of the water! 😉


  17. @yourhouze says:

    I’m counting the days until retirement, 1 down…

    I’m sure you will do great and if you ever have Anime design work to do, Madison can help you.


  18. meanqueen says:

    Way to go Lily!!!!!


  19. Kendra says:

    You will do great! Just let your personality come out! Your sarcasm is always a crowd pleaser! XOXO


  20. Carol says:

    You go girl. I went back to school at 32 and had way more fun than I did when I was 19. Love your jewlry by the way. And thanks for stopping by and leaving love on my blog.

    Carol (3dcaligirl a member)


  21. Anna M-W says:

    You go girl!

    Life is too short to be in a job you don’t love! Good for you!


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