Wii Boy and Anime girl

Posted: August 24, 2008 in cool videos, everyday life
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This is what weekends look like in our house. Notice how Tyler is all twitchy? Not sure why he gets like that when he plays the Wii.

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  1. laura says:

    dang! he is twitchy!!!


  2. Melissa says:

    Madison, you are a FANTASTIC artist! And Tyler that Wario game looks pretty fun. Especially the hula hoop part.


  3. Sandy Martin says:

    This is so cool. just watching those 2 clips gives a much better perspective on the kids, and looking at the layouts of them will be so much more enjoyable, because I have seen them “in person” sort of. They are both cute kids. Love Madisons drawings, she show some real talent, and Tyler has all the energy that I wish I had. TFS


  4. Doris says:

    Tyler, Madison, I can’t believe how big you guys are! Madison, your pictures were amazing. And Tyler, that game looked like so much fun. Glad you guys had a fun weekend and thanks for sharing!


  5. barbara says:

    I loved the video. Madison’s drawings are really superb! I think they’re awesome! Both my little ones (6 & 7) loved them as well : )


  6. JulieP says:

    Meg had a great time watching the Wii and was totally fascinated with Madison’s drawings. Love seeing both of them in their element. You two make sure Mommy posts lots more videos, ok?


  7. stacy says:

    Madison great job on the artwork. You are very good at that. Tyler, Sydnee and I like that hula hoop part.


  8. Melanie says:

    Wonderful drawings, Madison! You should get mommy to post more of them. Tyler, you have so much energy when you play the Wii. You could probably beat my 9-year-old at Wario! 🙂


  9. Sandy says:

    I’m glad to see that your house looks like mine. The boy playing video games and the girl drawing. We should get our kids together. Madison’s pictures are awesome. Wish I could have seen them even better closer up. Tyler is definitely the jitterbug, but extremely cute. Your kids are beautiful!


  10. Cynthia B. says:

    Wow! Tyler, you sure can give my 9yo son a run for his money at the wii games! He likes to move around a lot when he plays too (and boy, does he sweat!). It’s a good workout sometimes, I know. And Madison, I’m so impressed w/ your drawings! Have you been studying anime for a while? I like that first one you showed w/ the pink dress. Very cool!


  11. Cristen B says:

    What wonderful pics you can draw better then me thats for sure. Keep up the great work Madysen


  12. noel joy says:

    great pictures madison! and tyler you’re one sweet wii player!


  13. Yesenia says:

    LOL!!! Our Kids are made out of the same mold. Tyler looks like he is giving Baseball signals to the T.V. and I love the pics Madison drew. I like the one on the left, very cute!!


  14. Bonni says:

    Madison, those are wonderful drawings!! You are very talented 😉
    And Tyler, love how you can hula hoop 🙂


  15. Pam says:

    I didn’t know Madison was such a great artist. I’m impressed.
    Tyler is as cute as always.


  16. @yourhouze says:

    Aren’t they cute… Twitchy and Picassoette


  17. Christina & Caitlyn says:

    Yes, I saw the pictures and they are awesome! Like mother like daughter!
    Tyler is quite the Wii player!


  18. edwardsmom says:

    Wow Lily. I just can not get over how much they’ve grown…….
    I will NOT be showing the video to my kids….b/c I won’t hear the end of “why don’t WE have a Wii” hahaha
    Madison’s pics are great! Another artist in the family??? 🙂


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