Sunday sketch 8.17.08

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Scrapbooking
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Thanks to all who participated last week.  the winner of the RAK is Zanne Koller!  Congrats!  Here’s this weeks sketch.  this weeks RAK is a good one.  I will randomly choose a participant to receive a bracelet similar to this one, but customized. I hope we’ll have lots of participation.

Here’s what I did with it.

  1. Deanna Deaton says:

    oohhhh…..that is an awesome sketch and example, Lily! 🙂 WOW! Beautiful bracelet!


  2. zanne says:

    Cool…I won, I won!! Thanks Lily!


  3. meanqueen says:

    I should enter just to force you to make me a Nole bracelet.


  4. JulieP says:

    Dangit…I’m doing this one for sure. Just printed it out so I wouldn’t forget!


  5. redoaklines says:

    nice sketch, and great layout! 🙂 so cute!


  6. JulieP says:

    I really love the bunny and chick on yours.

    Here’s a link to my take in the POM gallery…

    [url=]1st day 2nd grade[/url]

    Fun sketch…thanks for making this one very easy!


  7. JulieP says:

    Hmmm….I just commented but it’s nowhere to be found.

    Thanks for making this page so easy. Here’s a link to it in the POM gallery….

    [url=]1st day 2nd grade[url]


  8. JulieP says:

    oops, try this.

    [url=]1st day 2nd grade[/url]


  9. JulieP says:

    oops….try this.

    [url=]1st day 2nd grade[/url]


  10. Anna M-W says:

    I think this contest is rigged…nepotism at it’s best!


  11. JulieP says:

    Can you tell my computer was acting up on me the other night? Geesh. I kept posting because they weren’t being accepted. Looks like they hung around in cyberworld awhile. So Sorry.


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