Fairy town and pumpkin boy

Posted: August 3, 2008 in everyday life
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My eight year old daughter Madison is a constant source of wonder.  Just when I think she’s turning into a preteen, concerned with looks and fashion she surprises me.  She’s spent all morning making a home for fairies in the backyard.  She’s trying really hard to attract them because “when you have fairies living around you everyone is happier”.  I mean seriously, how stinkin’ sweet is that.  We could all use a little fairy happiness in our house, right?!?

Her house includes a pool with glitter, town hall, a food stand, a place for them to make clothes and two houses.

Madison's fairy town

Madison's fairy town

In an attempt to bankrupt the tooth fairy Tyler lost another tooth last night.  We are fondly referring to him as Jack, the Pumpkin King.  Don’t you think he strongly resembles a Jack O’Lantern?  Nothing like starting school with a mouthful of gaps.

  1. laura says:

    she is way too cute! it makes me want to come over and giver her a hug 🙂 (remember this moment later today when she is rolling her eyes at you! LOL)


  2. Omg… i’m cracking up about Tyler breaking the tooth fairy comment! Great photos, Lily!


  3. Charleen says:

    LOVE your homemade clip it up! Very cute!


  4. noel joy says:

    oh funny! their smiles are exactly the same! too cute


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