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Happy Camper

Posted: August 30, 2008 in Scrapbooking
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I got all my homework done so I was able to get some scrapping in tonight.  Here’s what I came up with.  I think this might be the first layout I’ve ever done without any patterned paper.  I am going to use it for the doodling and bling challenge at  Nothing like a few good challenges to blow the homework cobwebs out of my head.


Pens-Sakura glaze, spica, micron


Heidi Swapp bling


Lat week we went to IKEA to get another desk for my office.  60 inches of desk space is just not enough.  I was all set to get a matching desk when this little number caught my eye.  It combines the expedit shelvins with overhead cabinets and a large cabinet on the side.  Since I’m trying to be less impulsive I just snapped a pic and decided to go home and reassess my space.  I’m still not 100% convinced.  If I go with this system I’ll have to completely rearrange my wall storage and find a new home for my new homemade clip it ups.

Here’s what I have now.

Today I had my first drawing class–I went into it with great trepidation…ie scared as shit.  Design (my other class) I’m not afraid of.  I design all the time.  Jewelry making, scrapbooking they are all about design.  Drawing is an entirely different beast.  It’s real “ART”.  It involves skill and talent.  Getting your hand to represent what you see in front of you.  I’ve never been able to do that well.  In fact, my eight year old daughter draws faces better than I do.  I have no idea how to shade to show contrast and depth.   All my dimensional drawings come out looking flat.  To even call them drawings is to give me too much credit. 

When I walked into that studio today everything terrified me…the big platform in the middle of the room,  the stainless steel easels, the stools.   But along with a fear was a certain excitement.  I’ve never had a problem learning anything I really wanted to do.  I really want to be able to draw.  I am looking forward to starting my first clumsy attempts, embarrassing as they may be, just to see myself improve.  So I took a deep breath and grabbed a stool, and sat in front of an easel and listened.  I can do this.  I can train my brain to really “see” what’s in front of me and to represent it on paper.  I will become an artist…

I am working on really seeing things and somehow my cheapy little camera helps.  Here are some things I “saw” today.

Ok, now back to my regularly scheduled blog.  Here’s a necklace I got done last night.  I am also going to make a matchinng bracelet and earrings.

Random images

Posted: August 28, 2008 in campus life
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Yesterday we discussed how art is subjective so I am just going to put these out there without any mention of my motivation for taking them.  Interpret them as you will………

Oddest things seen on campus 1.0

Posted: August 28, 2008 in campus life

1.  Grown ups eating lunchables…..seriously is that even real food?

2.  Lots and lots of muffin tops and thongs…Come on Ladies, pull your pants up and go a size larger…..I won’t tell.  Let’s try a little decorum.

3.  18 year old on a segueway……. I mean come on, aren’t those thing mega pricey???  You’re at the prime of your life…..walk!

4.  OMG, the guy at the table next to me looks just like Usher……..

That’s all for now but I’m sure I’ll update later. Not to mention my laptop battery is about to die and one of the aforementioned muffin top girls is too busy charging her blue tooth to let me get anywhere near the socket.

I do have some good news….Due to my OCD diligence I got all my homework done super, emabarrassingly early so I should have some time to scrap or make jewelry tonight.

Oops, I spoke too soon.  I have a ton of home work from my Intro to Design class.  Read three chapters and convert 8 drawings we did on emotions to black paper…..I’m actually looking forward to the projects.

Scalloped edge

Posted: August 27, 2008 in Scrapbooking
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I made the edge on this using circles cut with a punch.  I just stuck them to the back of the layout.  I did a tutorial on the stamping techniques if anyone is interested.

1.  Parking sucked but wasn’t as bad as I thought…..traffic getting there was worse.  30 minutes for a trip that normally takes 10

2.  my Graphic Design Essentials teacher is cute…really cute, not super cute but really cute. And get this……wait for it……………………………………………………………………………..he’s only 25!

3.  I’m not as cool as I though I was

4.  I’m not as uncool as my husband thinks I am

5.  This is going to be alot more work than I thought

6.  I really need a mac–pc ‘s not going to cut it

7.  I forgot how much I love sitting in class stretching my brain

8.  My laptop is way to big and heavy (see picture)

9.  Art supplies ain’t cheap

10.  My intro to Design teacher has alot of really cool things to say

11.  Student critique of my work is going to be really hard one me

12.. I’m really excited about the projects for Design I

13.  I love the idea that we don’t create in a vacuum…once our work is out there it’s open to critique and interpretation.  People may not see in it waht we want them to but that’s ok.  Everyone’s reality is different…just love this idea! (from Intro to Design)

14.  I’m alittle worried about eventually getting a job in graphic design.  There are lots of programs in Orlando churning out artists….I just have to be better than them….Hopefully I’m just that good

15.  I’m lookng forward to learning the programs–Photoshop ( I kind of know it but not really), Illustrator and In Design

16.  This is probably the hardest and most important reflection.  I now know why going back to school as an adult with kids is so hard.  It’s not the finding the time, it’s finding your identity.  I really, really love being in school.  I get to worry about just me and my needs.  Getting MY work done.  I forgot how good that feels.  Then I got home and the kids were yanking me this way and that.  I found I resented it.  It’s like I got a taste of the good life and had to let go of it.  I was just me for awhile and then I wasn’t.  I seriously lost it.  The pure sadness I felt really scared and surprised me.  I love my kids but I forgot how nice life is without them.  I know that sounds awful and I hate myself for saying it.  hopefully that feeling will pass and I will be able to integrate the school me with the mommy me. If not, I fear for my sanity.