Hmmm, maybe this wasn’t such a great idea

Posted: July 29, 2008 in Scrapbooking
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I was thinking red , white and blue would be a good idea to use for New Year’s pics because of the fireworks.  Unfortunately, I used up all my patriotic paper but I still have 4th of July pics to scrap.  Now they look way to Independance day for me.  Oh well, another set of not so great pics scrapped.

Lot's of Love Elsie stuff

Lot's of Love Elsie stuff

I love the journaling on the second one.  I can’t take credit for the idea though.  I scraplifted the idea from someone’s blog.  I’ll have to look it up so I can give credit.

Ok, I found it.  I borrowed the ide from Milkcan at 2peas.  here’s her blog.  She is truly an amazing artist.

  1. zanne says:

    I love these pages!!!

    Oh, I wrote a review of our recent trip to Village Tavern, let me know if you would like to be anonymous.

    Later, my friend!


  2. marnini says:

    I think your pages look great. Please stop by my blog post titled Calling all Keepsakers.
    I am doing market research and would love to hear from you.
    Thanks, Maribeth


  3. milkcan says:

    Love the way you did the journaling! It looks fab!


  4. karooch says:

    Love the curvy arrow on the first layout.


  5. Heather H. says:

    These are great!


  6. Heather says:

    great layouts!


  7. staceymichu says:

    Fantastic pages
    even if you did use all of your july 4 stuff up!


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