The hair and concert post

Posted: July 23, 2008 in everyday life

Well there it is, my new do.  It’s already starting to frizz from the 110% humidity in Orlando today.  At the suggestion of just about everyone, I went to see Jody at Xander Blue.  I asked for it short but not butch.  Not that I have anything against butch girls, I just don’t want to look like one.  Jody did  a great job,  She cut off about 8 inches of dead, sun damaged hair.  If I wasn’t so enamored of the new lightness around my head I would have taken a pic of the hair on the floor.  Oh well, opportunity lost!





Now for the big concert review.  We left Orlando about 4 ish (you know Marisa is always late).  When we got to Tampa we stopped at the Winghouse across the street from the ampitheatre for some wings and drinks.  Then off to the concert.  We got there just as Sebastian Bach (formerly of Skid Row) was going on.  He looked pretty good for an old guy but the guitar was a little overpowering and I couldn’t really hear the songs.  It didn’t help that the sun was shining in my eyes and the aforementioned humidity hadn’t let up yet.  (Did I mention the Ford Ampitheatre is an outdoor venue).  Next up was Dokken.  I thought they were pretty good and brought up lots of great memories.  The years haven’t been all that great to Don but he still has a great voice.  Finally it was time for the headliner, Bret Michaels and his boys from Poison.  I was glad to see Rikki Rocket on drums and good ole CC working the guitar.  Not sure about the bass guy but marisa says sees an original member and I believe her.  Also a few cameos from Big John.  Now Marisa may disagree but I was a bit disappointed.  It was just basically the same show we saw at Universal Mardi Gras.  Just a little longer.  Bret looked great with his new weave and had lots of energy.  It just wasn’t anything all that new.  Not sure what I expected.  The guitar solo from CC ( and you know I love me some CC DeVille) was a little screechy and way too riffy.  The drum solo was great but looong.  They both struck me as self indulgent and a good opportunity for Bret to take an insulin shot backstage.  Don’t get me wrong, it was thoroughly enjoyable but the show just didn’t pop for me.  Had a great time belting out the classic with the girls though.  He played all the faves… Every Rose, Unskinny bop, and Talk Dirty to me.  Plus a few cool new songs.  Overall I’d give the show a B minus.  Here’s some pics.  I’ll post more when Debbie sends me the ones she took.  I think she got some funny, drunken posturing.  I also took some video but I’m not sure how to post it. 

  1. Mary says:

    Love the new do! Looks like the concert was fun :O)


  2. laura says:

    love, love, love the new ‘do!


  3. April says:

    Great pictures!!!


  4. Cynthia B. says:

    Awesome ‘do, Lily! Glad you had fun!


  5. zanne says:

    Love the new hair!


  6. The new hair rocks!


  7. Pearl Maple says:

    Great creative posts here on your blog space. Nice template you are using its very slick. Followed your link from 2 peas today and ever so glad we got to see all your fun posts.


  8. Suzie Webb says:

    You clever girl! That is a great clip-it-up…and hey…now that you know how to do it, you can always add more shelves, right??
    Have a great night! 🙂 ~Suzie


  9. melina says:

    thank you for sharing very nice!


  10. JulieP says:

    It’s beautiful!!!!!!! I just love the new do!


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