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Posted: July 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

We’ve needed a couch for awhile now.  Our old one was beginning to lost stuffing.  I finally dragged Neil (and the kids) to Ashley furniture.  Now I love my family but they made me particularly crazy on this couch hunting trip.  The kids had an excuse, they’re kids and couch shopping is boring.  Now Neil, he’s another story.  he knew we had a limited time to look since the kids were acting up.  So what does he do?  He jokes around and test out every enormous sectional that won’t fit in our house.  I finally got him to focus.  He really wanted a couch with built in recliners.  In order to get him to something to something I agreed.  This really narrowed down our options.  It also completely eliminated the cute, red, tailored number that I had my eye on.  We finally decided on a chocolate brown chair and couch.  I love the color but don’t really love the couch.  It is comfortable though.  They delivered it just two days after we bought it.  Gotta love efficiency.


On a lesser note, we also got a new waffle maker.  We took the kids to brunch on the fourth and Tyler had belgian waffles.  He absolutely loved them and convinced grandmommy to give us one of hers.  I don’t like waffles myself but they are fun to make.  Love how the batter rises to fill the maker.  Instead of one big waffle our new waffler make makes waffle “boats”.  The kids love them.  I don’t think they’ll ever settle for frozen waffles again.

  1. The couch connessuir says:

    Those are all lies. I wanted the couch with the built in remote and cup holders and massage unit.


  2. zanne says:

    Nice furniture!!! And is Neil the couch connessuir?


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